Luxurious Rooms for Your Cats

Cat's Cottage Inn

Cat's Cottage Inn provides spacious rooms for your feline. Our rooms have a large sleeping shelf across the length of the room by the window. Rooms are very spacious with two to three additional perches on the walls. If you have a single cat that you would like in a larger corner suite, you will be charged the same rate as two cats, unless no multiple cat families are in need of those rooms.

Please call or email us for current rates.


Window Rooms

There are 2 different sizes of Window Rooms: Corner Suite - these are the largest rooms, 7'x7'x8'. There is plenty of room for two or more cats.

Cat's Cottage Inn

Standard Window Rooms

These are perfect for 1-2 cats 5.5'x4'x8'.


Window Room that views the Sunroom/Playroom

These rooms are 7'x4'x8'. Cats in this room can see out of the windows in the playroom area, and also view cats that are in the playroom.

Cat's Cottage Inn

Interior Rooms

We have two different sizes of interior. Two of the interior rooms are 4'x4'x8'- comfortable for 1-2 cats. Smaller interior room- these are 3.5'x3.5'x8'. The smaller interior rooms have a view out of windows from across the hall. These are best for a single cat.

Discounts for Long Term Boarding

Long term boarding is 31 or more consecutive days. We offer a discount for long term boarding. Please call us to discuss your needs and pricing.

Cat's Cottage Inn
Cat's Cottage Inn

Our Prices Include

  • Dry food (if you don't supply your own).
  • Litter and litter box.
  • Light brushing.
  • Daily playtime in the sunroom/playroom.
  • Bird watching.
  • Catnip and daily attention.
  • Beds and blankets.

We encourage you to bring your own dry food, so there is no sudden upset to your cat’s diet. All wet food must be supplied by customer. We gladly cater to unique dietary routines and needs.