A black and white cat standing on top of a wooden ladder.
A sign for the cat 's cottage inn.

Your cat is an essential member of your family. When you have to be away from home, Cat’s Cottage Inn is the perfect cat boarding place with a clean, safe, home-like environment and plenty of personal attention throughout the day. Your feline friend will have their own relaxing cat vacation.

The Cat's Cottage Inn - luxury cat hotel

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KMSQ TV visits the Cat's Cottage Inn

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Cat Boarding, pampering & spoiling!

We know that your cat is a vital part of your family, and you want the best care for them while you are away.

Well, we love cats and we will give them the love and attention they need while they are in our care. Specifically Cat's Cottage Inn is only for cats. Most cats really do like being around people, having activities and things to play with, getting chin rubs, and some cuddles throughout the day. We provide that for your cat while they stay with us.

Check out our spacious rooms before leaving your cats with us.

A room with shelves and a rocking chair in it

Features of Our Cat Boarding Vacation Inn

  • No “cat/litter box smell” in our facility.
  • Human interaction throughout the day.
  • Homelike atmosphere.
  • Proper ventilation with lots of windows.
  • View of trees, lawn, flowers, and rabbits.
  • Bird feeders for hours of entertainment.
  • A playroom/sunroom with climbing towers and other interactive toys.
  • Toys like laser beams, string, and feathers to play with.
  • Each cat or family of cats has their own private room.
  • Warm, safe, private bed in each room to provide a quiet place for those all-important cat naps.
  • Cats never co-mingle with other cats from different families.

We built Cat's Cottage Inn because we wanted to give cat owners a really nice place to leave their cats while they are away. Don't leave your cat home alone. Cats only love being at home when you're there.