*Rates are subject to change

Window Rooms

1 cat $27.00                         2 cats/$40.00

Each additional cat beyond the first 2 are then $10.00

per day (sharing the same room)

Rooms with a Window are the following dimensions:

Large window rooms are: a generous 6 ½ foot square room.

Standard size window rooms are: 5 ½ feet long by 4 feet deep

Window rooms that look into the playroom/sunroom are: 6 feet long by 4 feet deep.

Interior Rooms

1 cat $25.00                          2 cats/$38.00

There is a limit of 2 cats in the interior rooms. Two interior rooms can be joined together with a pet door between them allowing us to make a double room. Rates still apply for each room.


Large interior rooms are: 4 feet by 4 feet square. (These have a view of the hallway)

Small interior rooms are: 3 ½ feet by 3 ½ feet square (These have a view of a window from across the hallway). These rooms are designed for a single cat but, will accommodate 2.

If you have a single cat you would like to board in one of our largest rooms, you may do so, by paying the rate of 2 cats.

*** Only cats from the SAME FAMILY share a room.

ALL rooms have a walk-in size re-enforced (cat proof!) screen door. Ceiling height is 8 feet high.

A large sleeping ledge, plus smaller perches on the walls for kitty’s comfort.

3 day Minimum Charge: We have a 3 day minimum charge per stay – if you only want your cat to stay for 1-2 days, you will be charged for a 3 day stay.

Long Term Boarding: Long Term Boarding is 31 or more consecutive days. We offer a 5% discount for Long Term Boarding.

Reservation Policies:

Peak Season: is from May 15 – September 15 And 1 week both sides of the actual date of Thanksgiving and December 15 through January 15 You may be asked for a 50% nonrefundable deposit of your total estimated boarding costs.

Non Peak Season: all the other times during the year than Peak Season. You may be asked for a 25% deposit of your total estimated boarding costs. This is Refundable (with a 7+ day cancellation notice) or a credit put on your account for the next visit. (as long as this policy is not abused by the customer – making repeat boarding reservations, and then always cancelling).

Why a Deposit you may ask?

This policy allows us to give everyone accurate room availability information when they inquire about boarding dates. This gives us an accurate way to predict if we have rooms available for others that are looking for boarding dates. If people cancel at the last minute, we will be unlikely to then fill that spot on short notice.

As a Small Business we charge 3% for all credit card transactions – this is what we are charged to process your credit card.

Spoil Me – little added touches for a pampered visit!

These “extra services” are beyond the regular daily time that we spend with your cat for playtime, brushing, etc.

Digital photos sent to your phone or email           $7.00 Aprrox. 3-5 photos per time.

Lap Time                           10 minutes                             $5.00

Extra Playtime                10 minutes                             $5.00

Coat Brushing                  5 minutes                              $5.00

Scratching Board                                                            $5.00 small $10.00 large

Bed Warmer                                                                     $3.00 per night

Fresh Wheat Grass                                                         $7.00 per container

(needs to be ordered at least 8 days prior to cat arriving so grass can grow)

Medication info:

** If you cat is on medication that requires latex/plastic gloves for human protection, There will be a charge of $2.00 per pair every time they are required. You may also supply them, then there is no charge.

Medication Administration:

Adding medication into food or applied to ears: $2.00 per time

Oral Pilling                    $3.00 per time.            Cat must be cooperative!

Check out time:

If you check out by 10:00 AM there is no charge for that day.

Sundays – if we agree to be open for you on Sundays - to either bring or pick up a cat, you will be charged for the day – Sunday is our only “day off” from appointments, so I feel it only fair to charge for it.