Cat Lodging in Owatonna, MN

Whenever you leave your cat at home, whether you simply go to work for the day or you leave on a longer vacation, your cat gets lonely. Your cat is a vital part of your family, so don’t leave them all alone to be sad or get into mischief; instead, contact Cat’s Cottage Inn. We offer cat boarding for residents of Owatonna, MN, and we promise to take great care of your cat.

Our Cat Lodging Services

Cat’s Cottage Inn is designed specifically for cats, and we never have any other type of animal or pet in our boarding rooms. We provide loving human interaction throughout the day, a homelike atmosphere, and a playroom with plenty of toys for your cat to enjoy. We also provide a private room for each cat, including a warm, comfortable bed.

Our goal here at Cat’s Cottage Inn is to provide your cat with a loving, clean, safe, and relaxed environment. We interact with our feline guests throughout the day, so your cat always feels safe and pampered. Next time you are gone for a couple of days or a week or a month, bring your cat to us, and we’ll make sure they have a lovely time while you’re away.

We offer our cat lodging services to Owatonna, MN, and the surrounding areas, so give us a call today at (507) 456-4822 to make your reservation.